Jason Scuilla is an artist and printmaker raised in Sarasota, FL.  His drawings and prints have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the US and Europe.

An American artist of Italian descent, Scuilla has spent considerable time in Italy studying and creating artwork.  This experience continues to have a profound impact on his creative process.

Scuilla’s detailed prints are hand drawn and etched with an innovative electrochemical etching process. His mastery of this process has been recognized nationally and internationally in the scientific and print communities. He has lectured and demonstrated at Universities, Conferences, Art Centers, and Print shops throughout the world.

Scuilla serves as Professor of Art and Head of the Printmaking Department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. He also serves as technical director of the NEA Current Prints Arts & Sciences Research Lab and faculty advisor to the Kansas State University Prairie Fire Printmakers.



321 Willard Hall, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS  66506

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